Clinical Resource Information for Physicians

COVID-19 Adult Clinical Evaluation Guide (PDF)

Algorithm for On-site Respiratory Evaluations in Respiratory Screening Clinics (RSCs) and Accelerated Care Units (ACUs) (PDF)

Ambulatory On-site Workflow for Non-Respiratory Screening Clinics (PREFERRED) (PDF)

AAP Clinical Guidance for Pediatric Practices

COVID-19 in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Interim Guidance on Discontinuation of Home Isolation

Clinical Resource Guide

Position Statement of the ESC Council on Hypertension on ACE-Inhibitors and Angiotensin Receptor Blockers

HFSA/ACC/AHA Statement Addresses Concerns Re: Using RAAS Antagonists in COVID-19 



LAB Information

Quest Updated Information Regarding Antibody Testing 04-24-2020

Quest Patient Information Sheet

Quest COVID-19 HCP Custormer Letter

Labcorp COVID-19 Testing Information

Labcorp Microbiology Specimen Collection

Labcorp New Client Supply Requsition

CLP Lab Information



Hospital Information




Health Plan Information – including Telehealth

IntegraNet Basic Telehealth Claim Guidance 04/24/2020

Aetna Corona Virus Facts

Cigna Corona Virus Provider Information

Coronavirus Medicare IDL MAPD DSNP specific FAQ

IntegraNet Telehealth Information



Financial Assistance & Information

Telehealth Program Funding

FCC Rolls out $200 Million COVID-19 Telehealth Program-Baker Donelson 4-15-2020


KN95 and N95 Mask Information and Resources - Kn95 vs n95 - Current FDA guidelines surrounding Covid -19 Pandemic

Message from TIPAAA – Medical Mask Available from Great Lakes Filters - ships from China, delivery approx. 1 week, approx. 2.00 a mask.  

They also have n95 mask at $4.20