We are pleased to announce that through our agreement with Amerivantage/Amerigroup –all Medicare Advantage Plan members of our Primary Care Physicians will be delegated to IntegraNet Health for processing all provider, inpatient and outpatient claims.

Two changes will affect the network of providers used for these patients:

  • CLAIMS - IntegraNet will process claims for Amerivantage members assigned to our contracted Primary Care Physicians. 
  • NETWORK  - The network will be comprised of physician and ancillary vendors contracted directly with IntegraNet for the Amerivantage Medicare Advantage products.

A letter and new ID Cards were sent to all affected members by Amerigroup.

We are in the process of contracting with a clearing house for claims payments.

  •      In the interim you do not need a payor ID number and claims may be filed by paper or electronically by using the portal.  To use the portal, please complete the Claims Portal Enrollment Packet.
  •      Out of network providers filing a claim electronically or paper will also need to complete the Wavier of Liability.

The enrollment packet contains the following:

All enrollment forms should be returned to https://inetclaims.zendesk.com or fax them to 832-320-7221

For instructions on how to navigate the portal and file a claims, check status of a claim use the IntegraNet Provider Portal User Guide

To file a claim:  Inetclaims.com

To file a reconsideration or appeal:  Click Here.


Claims FAQ

Physician Profile Form


IntegraNet Health Claims Department

1813 W Harvard Ave., Suite 204

Roseburg, OR 97471

Phone: (541) 464-6296

Fax: (541) 464-6078


Reconsiderations and Appeals:

Claims Reconsideration Form

Phone: (832) 320-7220

Fax: (832) 320-7221



To begin the credentialing process, please contact our credentialing department at:

     credentialing@integranethealth.com or complete the contact form by clicking here.

To begin the credentialing process for ancillary providers, please contact us at: