12 Fundamentals of Highly Effective Healthcare


Empowering Patients, Providers and the Private Sector by lowering costs, increasing quality and expanding access. (Download Full Whitepaper)

  1. Healthcare Reform: A Proven Solution


    I am proposing the adoption of an already proven healthcare delivery system that actually works for all key healthcare system participants, and that effectively reduces healthcare costs while significantly improving patient health and disease prevention. This proven healthcare delivery system recognizes that patients and their physicians must be the focus of any cost-effective healthcare system, and therefore rewards physicians for adoption of high quality processes such as Electronic Health Records (EHR’s), HEDIS compliance, and Pay for Quality (P4Q) criteria and, most importantly, rewards these physicians for better patient outcomes and improved health status. This highly effective healthcare system also recognizes and is based upon the free enterprise and competitive free market system that currently exists in many metropolitan areas of the country. (Download Full Whitepaper)


  1. Executive Summary on Containing Medicare Costs and Saving the Medicare Program


    Congress must mandate that all Healthcare Entitlement Programs (Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP Programs) be privatized through empowerment of the private sector (Health Plans and ACOs) to establish Coordinated and Integrated Risk-Sharing Healthcare Delivery systems (IDS). This new legislation must place the independent physicians in control of healthcare decisions through an IPA Care Coordination structure or through a single integrated group of physicians. (Download Full Executive Summary)